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Because our seating consists of tables and chairs, it is easy to move a chair or two and have a wheelchair near a table instead. Or many people enter and then ask to store a wheelchair or walker in our shop area while they sit in a chair to watch the show. We are a tiny place, so we appreciate it when guests are able to let us know beforehand that they have seating needs that will require more room.

We have two entrances (just a few steps from each other). One has two steps and the other has none — allowing a wheelchair to enter and go straight to a table.

We have two bathrooms, and one of them is handicapped accessible.

A parking garage with many handicapped spaces reserved on the ground floor is across the street from the theatre.

We have peanuts on our appetizer menu, but we occasionally have a guest tell us of severe allergies, and we put the peanuts away for the night.

Located at 164 Church Street, mere shoe
prints from the downtown City Market.


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