Mack Black: Ghost Detective

The last murder he has to solve ... is his own.

Rated: No offensive language/content, though not recommended for children under 8. Tickets $29.

The last murder he has to solve ... is his own. Dateline: 1930 something. While investigating ghost sightings at the Black Fedora - a notorious nightclub for undesirables - supernatural skeptic, Mack Black P.I., is shot by an unknown ... and possibly other-worldly ... assailant. Mack Black DIES INSTANTLY from his wounds. He just doesn’t know it ... yet. Volunteer guests play characters while the audience tries to deduce whodunit over a la carte drinks, snacks and desserts in this funny whodunit especially FOR GUESTS WHO LIKE A GOOD MYSTERY.

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Located at 164 Church Street, mere shoe
prints from the downtown City Market.


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