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Something funny is going on in downtown Charleston and it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that if you love a good mystery... or need a good laugh... The Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre & Shoppe is the solution.

Drop by anytime to browse this quirky Shoppe's mystery-themed books and gifts, but kill no time ordering show tickets because this cozy little theatre can sell out quickly!

Our audience-interactive comic mysteries run most evenings. Enjoy the comic whodunits Inspector NoClue's Murder Mystery, Church Street Daughters of the Late Unpleasantness Garden, Gun, and Gin Club, Sherlock's Other Brother by a Southern Mother, and our latest, Murder Aboard the Starship Fed Ora!

Volunteer to play a character or choose to stay out of the spotlight and enjoy some tasty appetizers or something from the beer/wine/dessert bar.

Dropping by for the holiday? The Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre has an offering for friends, family, and co-workers looking to share some laughs this season. We Three Thieves is a hapless holiday heist that offers plenty of end-of-the-year merriment.

Owner/producers Darryl & Sherry Wade relocated from Atlanta with nearly two decades of knowhow in the business of producing live, comic-mystery entertainment for corporate, college and general public audiences. Their love for the Low Country is why they're here — their passion for bringing together talented, friendly, funny people is why they produce great entertainment — and their mission of serving with a spirit of humor, playfulness and joy is why you will love your visit to...

The Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theater & Shoppe!
Welcoming all who love a good mystery and those who could use a good laugh!

Located at 164 Church Street, mere shoe
prints from the downtown City Market.


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