The Black Fedora

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Located at 164 Church Street, mere shoe prints from the downtown City Market.

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“Something Funny's Going On in Downtown Charleston!”
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Our Shows — Capt. Blackbeard's Sing-Off Smack Down

The Pirate Mystery Treasure Show

How any pirate worth his Yoo-hoo settles his differences

A witty, wacky, slapstick mystery where the only solution is to join ranks with dead pirates from Charleston's history in an all-out battle for sing-a-long supremacy. Featuring group karaoke-style sing-a-longs to today's top hits and favorites from the 70s, 80s, & 90s. Fun for families with teens and those suffering from midlife crisis. (Safe for young ears as well.) We can't make you sing … but we will make you laugh!

Recommended for: Adults who like nutty yet intelligent wordplay, families looking for clean but clever comedy, and those interested in Charleston's pirate history.
Rated: G (An adult-oriented show that's safe & fun for young eyes and ears)

It's been many a high tide since the notorious Blackbeard and the Gentleman Pirate Stede Bonnet sailed the dark waters off Charleston. But thar be an ill wind this way blowing, for ghostly pirate captains from the Holy City's past be sailing into the Charleston Harbor in search of the treasure rumored to be buried many a year ago by Stede Bonnet himself. Pirate Captain Adrian Loser fears that if he and the crew of the Good Ship Fishbait don't soon find the booty, they'll be forced to go back to dial-up internet for sure. And that, me friends, be not an option! Laugh your booty off with Captain Loser's band of modern misfit pirates at Charleston's NEW Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre.