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Located at 164 Church Street, mere shoe prints from the downtown City Market.

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Who will win a pair of tickets redeemable for a show in 2014?

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“Something Funny's Going On in Downtown Charleston!”
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Our Shows

Inspector NoClue's Murder Mystery

(Classic Comic Whodunit) — Recommended for: Mystery fans and adults out on the town (and away from the kids). Rated: PG (Contains humor and innuendo perhaps inappropriate for pre-teens)

Sherlock Holmes and the Charleston History Mystery

(Hauntingly Historical, Hysterical Whodunit) — Recommended for: Adults, teens, pre-teens, those with interest in Sherlock Holmes or Charleston history, those who like clean comedy. Rated: PG (Contains mild innuendo)

Captain Blackbeard's Sing-Off Smackdown

(How any pirate worth his Yoo-hoo settles his differences) — Recommended for: Adults who like nutty yet intelligent wordplay, families looking for clean but clever comedy, and those interested in Charleston's pirate history. Rated: G (An adult-oriented show that is safe/fun for young eyes and ears)

Heist, Heist Baby

(A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Clown Walk into a Bank ...) — Recommended for: Heist fans and adults out on the town (and away from the kids). Rated: PG (Contains mild innuendo)

Sweet T. Christmas

(A Holiday Whodunit with Spirit) — Recommended for: Friends, family, and co-workers looking to share some laughs this season, and those who like their holiday entertainment a little bit silly, a little bit sweet. Rated: PG (Contains humor and content perhaps over the heads of children under age 9)