The Black Fedora

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Located at 164 Church Street, mere shoe prints from the downtown City Market.

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Who will win a pair of tickets redeemable for a show in 2015?

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“Something Funny's Going On in Downtown Charleston!”
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Our Shows — Sherlock Holmes and the Charleston History Mystery

Charleston History Mystery Show

Hauntingly Historical, Hysterical Whodunit

A parody of Sherlock Holmes where audience volunteers portray some of Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous characters. Includes interesting tidbits on Charleston history.

Recommended for: Adults, teens, pre-teens, those with interest in Sherlock Holmes or Charleston history, those who like clean comedy.
Rated: PG (Contains mild innuendo)

The mystery is this: How can one man kill another man with a rifle loaded with blanks and fired at a 45 degree angle? The answer: It is impossible. But the great Sherlock Holmes well knows that "whenever you have eliminated all which is impossible then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!" Mr. Charles Town-son is murdered during a civil war shooting demonstration. His own brother is clearly the shooter and is immediately arrested. But Holmes suspects there is more to this story; in fact, several centuries more.

Join Sherlock Holmes for a Lowcountry case of mystery, history, spooks and kooks in the case of Sherlock Holmes and the Charleston History Mystery!

The game is afoot at Charleston's Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre!