Welcome to the lowest form of theatre! But darn it all, it's still fun.

We currently have a full cast of awesome actors, but someday someone on our cast will sadly, sadly make their way from Charleston and head on to life adventures elsewhere, remembering their Fedora days with a fond chuckle and many a shake of the head ... so please fill out this form, if you are interested in becoming one of our crazy crew! We will put you on our list and will certainly contact you when we hold our next general audition. Thank you for your interest, misguided though it may be!

Audition Date/Time: By appointment only, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Location: The Black Fedora Theatre: 164 Church Street, downtown.
Format: Cold readings from scripts. Please bring a photograph of yourself to the audition.
Roles Available: To join the House Cast
Age Range: 18 to near death
Paid Roles: You betcha, baby! (part-time but steady work)

The Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre & Shoppe opened at 164 Church Street (mere shoe prints from the downtown City Market) in 2012 and features year-round live comedy-mystery theatre.

To register, submit the form below:

You may also contact us at:

Thanks for your interest in The Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre!